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With more than 1,000,000 square feet (92,903 square meters) of data center projects completed, PDG prides itself as one of the industry leaders!

Pacific Design Group is a premier provider of Data Center Design services for business critical facilities. Our clients include many well known Fortune 500 companies and Government entities. PDG has performed services for these companies both as the owner's Architect and as a part of a larger design / build team, delivering turn-key data center facilities. PDG consistently delivers an end product that meets our clients strict budget, performance and reliability requirements.

The first critical step in facility planning is to develop "statement of requiremwents" and "Basis of Design" documents which outlines the site, design, utility infrastructure, redundancy levels and performance specifications that are required for a proposed facility. Some organizations already have well established design criteria, others may desire assistance in analyzing or further developing their criteria. In either case, these criteria, along with facility specific criteria are bundled into a single Basis of Design document on which all further site selection and design activities are based.

  • Establish building and site selection criteria if site is not yet selected.
  • Establish Level of infrastructure redundancy required
  • Establish types of redundancy required
  • Establish recommended electrical single line schematic
  • Establish recommended air conditioning schematic
  • Generate outline specification detailing recommended A/C, PDU, UPS Generator equipment, construction requirements, power requirements, performance requirements and anticipated area requirements.
  • Establish preliminary budget and schedule

The second step is to evaluate existing or potential sites or structures against the established Basis of Design criteria and to outline work required to meet these criteria. A portion of the evaluation of existing facilities often includes preliminary space planning.

  • Evaluate existing or potential sites for suitability based on criteria established in the Basis of Design document.
  • Evaluate existing data center facilities for expansion potential.
  • Perform single point of failure analyses on existing utility infrastructure or building infrastructure.
  • Perform preliminary space planning to verify that proposed areas can accommodate facilities and equipment.
  • Evaluate existing building structure against actual Data center load requirements.
  • Outline work required to make the site or building suitable for the intended use.
  • Generate preliminary construction budget and schedule for the specific site.

The agreed upon preliminary plan, budget and Basis of Design are used to develop documents for obtaining permits to construct from the local jurisdiction and for construction. Value engineering is performed throughout the design process in order to best meet budget and schedule objectives.


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